Friday, May 13, 2011

Dream Outside the Box!

I am sure most of us have heard, "think outside the box."  But how many of you have dared to "Dream outside the box?"  What would happen if you did just that?  Who could you touch and inspire if you dared to dream bigger?  Too often we feel that we need to just be adults and deal with life as it is...I want to tell you NO it doesn't have to be that way!

I could have just accepted the fact that I would be chubby and overweight because I am a mom now.  I mean after all, I had twins so I should be allowed to have some chub, right?  Or what about the fact that I now have a herniated disk that is causing so much pain I shake at times and have trouble walking, sitting, standing or even getting dressed...most people would just accept the fact that they should be inactive.  NO, I am daring to DREAM OUTSIDE the BOX!  I want to be a role model for other women, moms especially!  Being a mother is such a huge and awesome responsiblity, but I don't see anywhere in the Bible where God tells us to forget about ourselves and only care of others.   You are important!  You are important to your children, your spouse, your friends!  Dream outside the box...I dare you! 

It could be so easy for me to just give up since I have a herniated disk and for the most part my training is on hold.  I will not be ready for the first competition I was planning for, but that's ok...I am flexible.  I will not give up my dream.  It may take a little longer to get there and the path my not be as straight as I had hoped for, but I will get there!  Every single day when I wake up I make sure that I am doing at least 1 thing to get me closer to my dream.  And I know that today it may seem like a long ways away, but I know that if I keep having the Slight Edge on my side I will someday be living my dreams!  My dream is to someday have my Pro card in Figure, to be a healthy role model for my daughters.  They already want to know if they can compete and I haven't even stepped on stage yet.  They see the importance of being healthy!  I will be an endorser for the world's best nutritional company...Advocare!  I will bring hope to mothers and wives who think "this is as good as it gets."  I will be a Diamond distributor and will be blessed to bless hundreds of people that I have not even met, yet. 

Yes, I am VERY passionate about health and fitness.  It all started about 16 years ago when I first joined Kelly's Gym in Kodiak, AK.  From Kelly, I learned that my health is important and that too many wives and mothers put everyone else before them.  I am not saying that is a bad thing, but when you completely forget take care of yourself...that isn't such a good thing!

I am looking for 3 motivated and passionate people to lock arms with me and DREAM OUTSIDE the BOX!  If that is you, contact me today!  Enough is starts the rest of your life!  Where do you see yourself in 2 years, how about 5 years, or even 10 years?  Do you like what you see?  If not, I am here to help!  I am happy to help you will setting goals, nutritional and fitness consultations are FREE!  I am here for you!  What is holding you back?  Be the best, healthiest, fit mom, wife, sister, can dream of! 


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