Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Start Today!

How many of you have dreams of where you will be in a year, six months, or in 4 weeks?  What plan do you have to reach those goals?  Many of us dream of achieving something, or setting a new record, or actually reaching our goals, but never set a plan of action into motion. 

For me, I had big goals and dreams that I was going to step onto my first Figure Competition stage this summer.  Well, God had a different plan for me at this moment.  In March I had terrible back pain to where I could not dress myself.  I went to my doctor and had an MRI right away, then off to see the Neurosurgeon....well I have a herniated disk.  It is quite a naughty little bugger!  I am in pain every day.  Somedays are better than others, but it takes almost everything in me just to do the dishes or laundry and take care of the kids, not to mention getting to the gym.  So, despite my little set back this year I still have my eye on a Figure Competition.  I am sticking to my diet plan and thanking God that I am still able to walk!  There are so many people out there that would do anything to be in my situation. 

On top of the herniated disk issues, I also found out that I have extremely high cortisol levels, which is making dropping the extra weight more difficult.  I am using this time to grow closer to God and my children.  I know that everything happens for a reason and I know that God would not give me these dreams if He didn't have them in His plan for me.  It will all come together in His timing! 

So, I encourage you to START today! Whether it is a new workout plan, a class you have always dreamed about taking, maybe you want to write a book!  Get started today!  Each day we all have the same 24 hours, will you use yours to take you one step closer to your dream or take you one step further away from it?  You have to decided to decided today it the day! 

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